Go Tóin Poill Chapter Motif

Ink, 25 x 25 (mm)

A simple chapter motif to compliment the cover image

Go Tóin Poill

Acrylic on board, 250×350 (mm)

I was very happy to be invited to the the launch of Irish language publishers An Gúm, 2011 publications. I painted the cover for Aine Ní Dhufaigh’s Go Tóin Poill. The story of shipwreck and apparitions of drowned sailors provided the inspiration.

Live Long & Prosper


Graphite & digital, 210 x 297 (mm)

Not the biggest Trekkie but gotta respect their gang signs.

Gorilla Damsil

Graphite & digital, 210 x 297 (mm)

Halloween’s come and gone, another year without my gorilla costume. Maybe next year…

Post: uimhir a haon

Been a long time coming but at last brendanboyle.net is up and running, largely thanks to my trusty sidekick, Eamon Whyte. Hope you all enjoy what’s on display and come back regularly to see what I’m up to here. Stay beautiful n keep it country.